Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Links Can Help

-I'm bummed out beyond belief today. My 13 year old German Shepherd had to be put down yesterday. It wasn't' a shock. You could see it coming. But that doesn't make it any easier. Reading Card Chronicle this morning, I found a little inspiration to move forward, though.

On Tuesday, Justin's five-year-old son, Shawn, was diagnosed with Acute
Lymphatic Leukemia. Since ALL is a disease which can worsen quickly, Shawn has
already undergone surgery and started chemotherapy. If all goes well, he will
begin to feel like himself again in six months, but won't fully overcome the
disease for anywhere from two and-a-half to three and-a-half years.

Like Pitino said, there's always someone out there that could use your help. I don't know how much I can impact this, not living in Louisville. But I can start with putting up a link to the online donation and go from there. Keep Shawn in your prayers, folks.

-My answers are up at Bleed Scarlet. Have I always been so negative? ...Yes? ...Ok.

-If you didn't watch last night, you missed a hell of a game between South Florida and Pitt. We can only hope that Pitt forgets how to run the ball by the end of the year, and South Florida's defensive line injuries don't heal.

-Has it really been five years since Quincy Wilson left his cleat marks on the Miami defense? Would it be too much to ask someone to get a quality version of that up on the Tube sometime?

-Speaking of anniversaries, it's been 20 years since those magnificent bastards from the '88 team had an undefeated regular season. If you're young, or were too young at the time, you really have no idea what an incredible year that was. The teams of the last three years were great, but no WV team has ever steamrolled it's way through a season like that. I mean, DAMN!!! Five games of over 50 points. One of those on Penn St., the other on BC!

-Anything else I write would be useless. Enjoy your weekend, and make a donation for Shawn!


Eric Blackwell said...

Thank you for posting about my nephew and linking to the blog we put up. I am sorry for the loss of your dog.
I have a 4 year old golden retreiver / chow mix that I consider part of the family.
We will keep updating the blog to let you know how things are going.

Again thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we can feel them.


Johnny said...

Thank you, Eric. If one extra dollar comes your way, it's worth it to me. I already know that's going to happen, though.