Thursday, October 23, 2008

War Damn Eagle Tiger Day

It's game day in Morgantown, and if you're confused like us as to what exactly the Auburn mascot is, maybe this will help. It's like a turducken, but different. It's a War-Damn-Eagle-Tiger. From EDSBS, naturally.

Don't know how or why Chuck Landon is reporting on WVU, but he is. I-formation, baby!!! Wooooo! It's the new spread!

Mountaineer offense ready to have a breakout game? This picture tells that story.

As I said in the comments in the post below this, tonight's game is a good thing. It's a chance to play an OOC program that will make us look good if we win as opposed to the many we have played over the past few years that got nothing more than a shoulder shrugs worth of attention. Sure it isn't being paid the same attention it was before the season started as both teams have lost their way out of the national title hunt. But it's still a big game. Maybe a chance for West Virginia to work their way back into the top 25. A chance to show that the Big East isn't quite dead yet. If nothing else, it's an opportunity to warm yourself with alcohol on a cold fall night and scream your head off. Woooo! I'll drink to that!

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