Monday, October 20, 2008

Week 8 Blogpoll Ballot Draft

OK, things at the top look to be pretty self explanatory. I'm believing in Texas Tech less and less as the season rolls along. You might not like LSU where I have them, but I'd bet good money on them to beat any team below them in the polls. Tulsa is probably too high, but I think they could hang with most of the teams in their general position. I don't like the way most polls have South Florida above Pitt, so that's how that works. I mean, they did go down and beat the Bulls in Tampa. The bottom three are the token ACC teams that will all lose this weekend to be replaced by three new ACC teams that will follow suit. Song and video depicting the ACC to follow this evening.

1Texas --
2Alabama --
3Penn State --
4Oklahoma 1
5Florida 1
6Southern Cal 3
7Oklahoma State 1
8Georgia --
9LSU 1
10Texas Tech 3
11Utah 2
12Ohio State 3
13Boise State 3
14Tulsa 12
15Pittsburgh 6
16South Florida 6
17TCU 9
18Missouri 6
19Northwestern 7
20Kansas 3
21Ball State 2
22Minnesota 2
23Georgia Tech 3
24Boston College 2
25Florida State 1

Dropped Out: Brigham Young (#11), North Carolina (#14), Michigan State (#18), Virginia Tech (#19), Wake Forest (#20), Vanderbilt (#25).

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