Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week Seven Final Blogpoll Ballot

Very minor changes, like Penn St. up over Florida. Consistency is the name of that game. While the Gators are incredible when they are "on", not so much when they play Houston Nutt. PSU, on the other hand, pretty much kills everyone no matter how good or bad they are. I'm not really crazy enough to think that Okie St. beats Okie, so I switched those two. Lastly, I think UNC beats tOSU on a neutral field. Call it southern speed or a lack of offense for the Buckeyes, or whatever. Feel free to disagree, but this is what is going to appear for my ballot this week.

1Texas 4
2Alabama --
3Penn State 3
4Florida 5
5Oklahoma 4
6Oklahoma State 14
7Texas Tech 4
8Georgia 1
9Southern Cal 1
10LSU 6
11Brigham Young 1
12Missouri 9
13Utah 2
14North Carolina 2
15Ohio State 3
16Boise State 3
17Kansas --
18Michigan State 5
19Virginia Tech 1
20Wake Forest 6
21Pittsburgh 1
22South Florida 1
23Ball State 3
24Minnesota 2
25Vanderbilt 11

Dropped Out: Northwestern (#21), California (#24), TCU (#25).

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