Monday, November 03, 2008

Week 10 Blogpoll Ballot Draft

1Alabama 1
2Penn State 1
3Oklahoma 2
4Florida 2
5Texas Tech 3
6Texas 5
7Southern Cal --
8Oklahoma State 1
9Utah 2
10Boise State --
11Georgia 7
12Missouri 1
13Ohio State 1
14LSU 1
15TCU 7
16Brigham Young 10
17Ball State 1
18Michigan State 1
19Georgia Tech 7
20Maryland 3
21North Carolina 1
22California 4
23Pittsburgh 3
24Cincinnati 2
25West Virginia 1

Dropped Out: Florida State (#14), Tulsa (#16), Minnesota (#17), Oregon (#21), Connecticut (#24), Louisville (#25).

The big thing on my mind as I did this ballot concerns the Big 12 and that inevitably all of them will have at least one loss before it's all over. It seems to me that home field advantage played a huge part in every upset or win for that matter. So I'm still a big believer in Oklahoma. Might be an interesting tie breaker situation if Tech, Texas, and Oklahoma all end up with one loss. Oh, and Okie St. Is that even possible?

Penn St. and Alabama have both had big road victories this year, but I still give the nod to Bama. I probably shouldn't pat Cincy on the back too much for the win at home against USF after getting smoked by UConn the week before. If they would have done it on the road, then yeah. I'm kind of impressed with the Pitt win. Not so much because I think ND is all that. But I think in years past, Pitt would have had a mental lapse. Despite the loss to Rutgers the week before this is a different Pitt team. Good for the Big East. Oh yeah, welcome back WV! Just below Cincy to avoid the wrath of the CK award.

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