Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wouldn't You Rather Beat Maryland?

We're talking bowl choices here, people. What's in front of us? Maybe the Sun Bowl or the Car Care Bowl. Sure, Syracuse could give us the gift we would really like! But let's just accept for a minute that it won't happen, and we'll have to go to a second tier bowl.

My first thought is, "so what." As in the goals at the beginning of the season are shot, so let's go somewhere not too far away and beat a team and a coach we'd really enjoy beating. No Mountaineer fans, Michigan isn't bowl eligible. I'm talking about Maryland and one Ralph Friedgen. Or we could go way the F--- out west and spend a ton on travel and a hotel room. Sure the Car Bowl is pretty craptastic, but is a Sun Bowl appearance really going further the cause any better? Shit no!

I know this is all speculation and we really have no control over what crappy bowl we go to if we don't get a BCS bid. But Charlotte is about five hours from where I'm sitting or a full tank of gas and a six pack of Magic Hat #9 away. The Sun Bowl? Many tanks and many beers. Probably too many. We recruit on the east coast anyway.

No, I don't want Notre Dame to go to the Sun Bowl instead of a Big East team. And no, I don't want West Virginia to finish any worse than second in the Big East. But I'd really like it if I could keep this whole trip under $300 (I got a place places to stay in Charlotte).

Your thoughts in the comments.

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