Monday, December 15, 2008

Injuries are a Blessing

The loss to Davidson would have almost certainly been a victory if we would have had the services of Alex Ruoff and Joe Mazzulla. But if you think about it, that would have been a short term victory that probably wouldn't mean all that much at the end of the season. Sure, beating a top 25 team on a neutral court is nice. But no one is going to OMG!!!1! because of it.

West Virginia benefited from that loss and the victory over Duquesne Saturday in ways that will be huge the rest of the year.

Truck Bryant, more than anyone else, is getting invaluable experience. The point guard got his baptism by fire at Madison Square Garden against Stephen Curry and again against Duquesne in Pittsburgh. There's a learning process that involves ups and downs, but when it matters, he's going to be prepared to handle the pressure of a Big East road game. Kevin Jones is also getting some extra minutes because of the injuries.

I know it's ugly now, and just because they are getting more experience doesn't mean they will be unflappable in the future. But when they are called upon later in the season they should be able to come in and give the starters a rest without much of a drop off in production. I don't know if we could say that if they weren't getting meaningful minutes now.

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