Monday, December 08, 2008

We All Just Need to Relax and Give Stew the Bene...WHAT?!?!?

If anyone can tell me what this was in reference to, I would be very eager to learn!
We've got enough coal in the state of West Virginia to heat the world. We've got enough oil in the state of West Virginia to lubricate the world. We've got enough brains in the state of West run the world.
I had been mulling over a post about how we need to all calm down and stop calling for the firing of Bill Stewart. How it would be in the best interest of the program to have some stability. But without the context of those words, I'm just going to hold off on that post.

Maybe this will shed some light.

I have no idea what that meant, but Stewart, who is a powerful and effective speaker, was bothered and he bit back. Could be the media. Could be the fans. Could be the people who call his talk show. Could be all three.

He keeps up on what people say and write about his team and he cares what people think. Was this an accumulation, a reaction or just calculated?

It was a little awkward, but I enjoyed the entire scene, even the parting shot. Part of me — a big part, in fact — likes Stewart’s class and restraint. Few people in his profession are like him and that’s refreshing. It’s not fair to criticize that side of his personality because it’s genuine. It is who he is. Not only that, but he was pretty calm when he 48-28′d Oklahoma.

Still, another part of me thinks he is, at times, too cool and the fire that burned so hot leading up to the Fiesta Bowl hasn’t been here at all times this season. WVU has lacked an edge and I think that’s contributed to slow starts. I also think there’s an edge in the second half, so perhaps something is said at halftime. IrRegardless, he’s heated up the past few weeks and the nature of that Pitt loss must have had his blood boiling. We saw enough Stewart to heat the world.

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