Tuesday, December 09, 2008

West Virginia-Davidson Liveblogish

We have a plan to stop Curry!

Come on frat boys! Know your role!!!

We'll get things started as soon as the ball goes up.

7pm: One of the good things ESPN does is the Jimmy V Foundation promotions. Good for them! I haven't seen Robin Roberts in a while, so I'm kind of in shock at how much different she looks. Glad she's a survivor!!! I participate in Relay for Life every year, and if you have friends you should get involved! Everyone needs at least one night of the year spent sober and without a cigarette in your mouth raising money for Cancer research. Find out if there is one in your area.

Bob Knight, John Saunders, and Digger Phelps are on hand for pregame. Jay Bilas, and shit.... a bunch of people are working the game. Ruoff has back spasms, and Joe Mazzulla can't raise his left arm above his head.

18:00 West Virginia is playing very tight defense. Maybe too tight sometimes because I can see some back cuts. WV up 5-2.

15:32 West Virginia is missing a lot of scoring opportunities. The defense is getting a lot of turnovers (sorry I haven't been keeping a running count) , 4-6 turnovers in the first five minutes. But they aren't capitalizing. No Ruoff so far. WV down 8-7.

13:47 WVU is getting the ball inside on every possession and getting results. DaSean Butler is killing it on the second chance points. 14-10 WVU.

11:55 And just like that, Davidson hits a couple shots and they are up 15-14. Despite all the injuries for WVU they are doing well at dictating their brand of basketball on Davidson. When they miss a shot or turn it over, they aren't getting set on defense. Curry is not the guy you want to leave all by himself behind the three point line. Never.

10:25 Curry showing himself now, 20-15 Davidson.

7:15 West Virginia is stealing the ball or rebounding the first shot every time Davidson comes down, but the Mountaineers can not run the floor. They need to pull up and get a good shot if one isn't available on the fast break. But yeah, playing great defense. Should be up, but Davidson still leads 22-20.

6:12 Everything I said above is still true, but Davidson has a white guy that looks a little overweight and has a knee brace on. He's dunked on us the last two times down the court. 26-22 Davidson.

3:38 West Virginia is kind of a mess on offense with the turnovers, but still down only 31-27.

Half West Virginia is 6-16 on free throws. DaSean Butler has 12 points, and Truck Bryant has 9. But Bryant has also bought himself a seat on the bench with sloppy play. Gotta know when to pull up and run the offense. Curry isn't having a great game by his standards, 4-15 shooting and 10 points. But he's still making everyone around him better. In the Mountaineers defense, I haven't seen half these guys playing this year. Lots of subbing going on. Also of note, Johnny West broke his foot in practice yesterday. Not sure how long he will be out. Ruoff and Mazzulla have been sitting on the end of the bench. Sad thing to see. 36-29 Davidson.

15:00 No stop in play. West Virginia down 44-40. Yup, that means we are scoring. We're taking advantage of the turnovers and getting tons of offensive rebounds. 13 for the game to be exact. Ebanks is coming into his own. West Virginia was down 44-33 before they turned it around.

14:16 OK, that white guy, Allison, isn't so fat after all. He just dunked on us again. 47-42.

9:29 WVU down 49-44. Things have slowed down quite a bit lately. Our shooting is horrible, 34%, but the defense and offensive rebounds have kept us in the game.

7:24 WVU down 51-50. Offensive rebounds, people! Never seen a West Virginia team get offensive rebounds like this. Ever! DaSean Butler has kept West Virginia in the game.

4:10 56-56. West Virginia was up 56-53, but then Curry remembered he was Stephen Curry, and hit a three.

2:40 58-58. WVU had a ton of chances to take a four point lead, but turned it over and Curry got two on a fast break jumper.

1:09 Damn that Curry! 62-61 WVU.

:34 Damn that Curry! 64-62 Davidson.

Damn that Curry! Davidson wins 68-65

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