Saturday, January 03, 2009

WVU Keeps Rolling and I Got Out Just In Time

After a spirited first half by both teams, West Virginia pulled away from Seton Hall in the second half for a 92-66 win. With six players scoring in double figures, it's hard to choose a player of the game. But John Flowers seemed to have the game of his life with Wellington Smith going out with early foul trouble, so I'm going with him.

West Virginia starts the Big East portion of their schedule with a win, and despite the final result Huggins seemed to be mad most of the game. Honorable mention should go to Truck Bryant for playing all but the last few minutes of the game without turning the ball over is a plus. He might be by himself this year unless Joe Mazzulla recovers soon, so we're going to need a lot of that from him this year.

In other news of the weird, Jay Mariotti will be writing for FanHouse. There's lots of sports writers that make the switch from journalist to blogger, but he isn't one that I expect to work. Kind of makes the Fantasy Sports Girls look like a good move at this point.

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