Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mild TBI and Sports Related Injuries

We here at Mountainlair care as much about the athletes that wear the Old Gold and Blue when they leave as when they get here. It's important to remember the person as much as it is the athlete that wore the uniform. Otherwise, the young men that play for WVU would just be hired guns, disposable after their eligibility is used up. That's unacceptable, because once a Mountaineer always a Mountaineer. Just as I'm sure it's true all over the world of college football.

I bring all this up because I was contacted by CareMeridian about posting something regarding Traumatic Brain Injuries. Whether one person reads this or a million, the important thing is that our university has an obligation to the men that put on the uniform. An obligation to provide them with the best possible equipment and treatment to make sure they remember every second of their time in Morgantown.

Mild TBI and Sports Related Injuries

Athletics are a fun and healthy way to stay active that millions of people take part in each day. However, some of these activities can take a toll on the physical body of the individual. Contact sports like football, boxing, soccer, and hockey can cause damage that can change a person’s entire life and sometimes can even be irreversible. An example of this type of sports injury is traumatic brain injuries. A TBI can permanently alter someone’s life and can even require long-term rehabilitation and care from special facilities like CareMeridian and these injuries are often too common when taking part in sports.

According to the Brain Injury Resource Center, an estimated 300,000 sports related brain injuries occur each year. Most of these injuries are not classified as severe. Many of these mild TBI’s or concussions may appear unthreatening, but in fact they can often cause significant damage if not treated properly. The hidden danger of a concussion comes from the fact that it is usually passed off as nothing more than pain and soreness inflicted from the sporting activity, which is why they can easily be a repeatable injury. Consequently, concussions are often regarded as very hazardous and should be given thorough and constant attention.

Concussions are head injuries that are caused by blows to the head that usually cause the brain to move violently within the skull. For a sport like football this type of injury is common and unfortunately, at times ignored. Many athletes shake off the pain that’s caused from the head injury, because the immediate effects are often unnoticed. Yet, without treatment, a simple injury can cause a lifetime of suffering. The NFL has a concussion rate of 61% and this type of injury not only sidelines the player impacted, but can end their career. Some NFL players, like quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Steve Young, retired from the game rather than take on the risk that comes from the injury, but others are not so lucky. Many retired football players and athletes battle memory loss and constant migraine headaches that result from head injuries.

Participating in athletic competition (football, soccer, basketball, etc…) is inherent in many different peoples’ lifestyles, but comes with risk of injury. Mild TBI is among the most common forms of sports related injuries, which also include fractures, tears, bursitis, sprains and more. As an enjoyable means of human interaction and competitive lift, sports will always be an integral ingredient of modern day society. Ultimately, it’s important to be aware of mild traumatic brain injuries (symptoms, treatment, etc…) and the frequency of occurrence on the field of play.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of injuries...

Looks like Truck is out with a broken foot.
Hope it is only a rumor, but seems to be true, due to the reliability of the sources.

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Verified, unfortunately:


Robert Muller said...

Hey, TBIs are serious business, and can be caused by simple concussions!

I've worked with developmentally disabled adults, and you'd be surprised at the number of people this affects.

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