Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mission Accomplished

photo via BGN

Senior night went off as planned for the most part. West Virginia was just a step quicker in the first half and they were able to get a lot of calls to go their way early. That helped them to build and hold on to a big lead in the first half. There was a definite let down in the second half as Georgetown made a game of it. But it was too little too late for the Hoyas.

In sad news, it was senior night. This was the last time we will see Da'Sean Butler and Wellington Smith in the Old Gold and Blue in the Coliseum. I don't want to go into lists of accomplishments, etc. That's something better saved for when the season is over, and there is a lot of basketball still to play for this team. For now, we'll just tip our hats and say thanks, guys!

Photo via BGN

Here's Huggs talking about the game and the guys. He could probably say it better than you or me.

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