Friday, July 14, 2006

Lotta Love From Bruce Feldman Lately

From picking WVU as his pre-season #1, to defending that position in his latest blog post(insider).

From Eric in Anaheim, Calif.: West Virginia is your No. 1? ESPN should drug test you.

Feldman: Actually, ESPN did drug test me when I got hired. Seriously. That was the policy back then. I simply think the Mountaineers have the best chance of going through the regular season undefeated, and I wouldn't be quick to bet against Rich Rodriguez in a one-game setting with Patrick White and Steve Slaton around.

Aside from the above comment, Bruce also has made himself very accessible to college football bloggers wishing to interview him. And for that he gets a double cool guy star of the week!

Back to the comment above, all he is saying is that we have as good or better chance than anyone else in the country to go undefeated. And, as we have seen over and over, anything can happen once the ball is kicked off. It shouldn't be presumed that he thinks we are the best team in America. Truth be told, the best team doesn't always win the championship. It's just about putting yourself in the best position to win.


Anonymous said...


Any chance you'll be able to make it to the game at Papa John's Stadium on Nov 11?

Would be nice to actually buy you a beer!!!

Anonymous said...

Woooops....that's Nov 2!

John Radcliff said...

I haven't really thought about it. I am going to the Miss. St. game, and all the home games. But, I'll have to get back to you on that. I might have to quit smoking to pay for it. Hehehe.