Sunday, October 15, 2006

Post-game Thoughts

West Virginia can run the ball! Peace Out...

That was probably the most perfect day to watch a game. 50-55 degrees and no clouds. The wind was more of a problem for the teams, but it did nothing to ruin the game for the fans.

That was just a clinic on why you have to assign someone to Patrick White if you want to beat West Virginia. The odd thing was that Syracuse didn't do much to adjust to it. Running up the middle was hard for Slaton, but he owned the corner. He just has such great acceleration, it's not even fair.

I'm still worried about the defense. I was surprised to know that Syracuse rushed for only 81 yards. I'm sure the five sacks hurt that, but it seemed like their runningbacks were always getting 5-6 yards a pop. Maybe it was the Crown Royal? The dropped balls were an issue for the Orange as well. They seemed to come at the worst time, ie third down. There were a couple times in the second half that the Mountaineers dropped sure interceptions, so maybe no one wanted to catch Perrry Patterson's balls. I'm afraid that performance today would not be enough to beat Louisville. And if we have a bad offensive day, that might not be good enough to beat Pitt.

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