Monday, June 09, 2008

Big East Face of the Program

It's just too good not to steal! EDSBS has a thing up about ESPN calling for the face of the program and we thought we would steal the idea and take a look at the Big East through the eyes of the Mountainlair.

Starting off with our own just so you don't think we're being biased or anything.

Rutgers, we really do love you....but....well...we couldn't find a picture of a guy in a Camero with a jean jacket so we just went with this.

UConn in one picture? Oh yeah.....

Now that Brian Brohm, Bobby Pertino, etc. have moved on we're looking at you Hunter Cantwell.

South Florida really hasn't been around long enough to develop much of a reputation so we went with something close to Florida but with a twist.

Syracuse has fallen on hard times. The once proud program could point to countless all-pro footballers. But these days....

Like South Florida, Cincinnati hasn't really developed a reputation yet, so...

And finally, whether this was a serious post on a joke there's only one face of Pitt football

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