Monday, September 08, 2008

Blogpoll Roundtable 4.2

Brought to us by the fine Georgia blog, Braves & Birds. He asks the questions, and we answer. It's like Fox News, but better.

Your college football program wants to know how you, its valued customer, thinks of your consumer experience! Please help your program evaluate its performance in the first two weeks of the season! Can you feel the West Virginia difference!?!

1. How would you rate your program's service to you in the first two weeks of the season?

To the right is my customer service rep. He warmed me up with a lot of promising deals, but what I got so far is a lot of talk and not much action.

It's a low feeling. Probably worse than if we would have been predicted to finish in the middle of the Big East. I have no problem with kids being young on defense and making the occasional mistake. But I haven't seen any fire in anyone's eyes on defense, and that is just inexcusable. I like to be nice, and I like to tip. But you gotta earn it at some point, and I just haven't seen anything worthy of it yet.

2. How happy are you with your program's overall scheme? We are in a period in which the spread has become a total obsession in the media. If you're a fan of a spread team, are you happy with the way your program has implemented it? If you're a fan of a non-spread team, do you wish that your program would convert to this Xenu of offenses?

Since we were built around running the spread, I think it would be a great idea to use it. What I've seen has nothing more than formation to do with the spread. It might very well be that there isn't anyone to fill the role of Owen Schmitt, and that has changed everything. He was always that third option that people had to watch for out of the backfield and he threw great lead blocks. Our offensive line isn't built to hold off defenders in obvious passing situations. It's built to beat the defenders to the point of attack and to create running lanes through zone blocking. But it doesn't seem that we are using that advantage. I love Noel Devine, but he doesn't scare too many people as an up the middle runner. Until someone gives us that, I expect more of the same.

3. Rate your stadium's cleanliness and menu options.

Oh please! It's not a dirty stadium at all, but the food choices suck. I know high schools that have better menus.

4. As an incentive to provide your valued feedback, you will be entered into a drawing for exciting prizes! What one prize would you like for your program?

Terence Kerns to get with it and help this team out. I understand that he is pretty much a red shirt this year, but he could have filled the void left by Schmitt and given teams a lot to worry about coming out of the backfield. It will be a must to have him in the backfield next year.

5. Since we're all about choices, take one of the following two options for entertainment's sake:

a. What's your most memorable experience involving a comment card?

b. If your program were a casual dining chain, which one would
it be? Yes, this is a tricky question because the defining characteristic of a casual dining chain is its sameness. No one said this Roundtable would be easy. Bonus points if you can make a compelling case that your program is Chotchkie's or Flingers.

Chotchkie's- I mean, the boss is all like "I'm not going to yell at you, but you need to wear more flare." Meaning, I'm not mad at you, son. I know you wanted to tackle that guy but he was really trying hard and that made you nervous. What I want you to do is, I want you to do your best. And if you get beat, you just have to try again. I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep your chin up, because I love you!


Anonymous said...

If you want me to make 24 attackles, coach, then you should make the minimum 24 attackles.

John Radcliff said...

Hehehehehehe! Well played.