Thursday, December 01, 2005

Week 14 CFB Poll

  1. USC- Until they get beat.
  2. Texas-Ditto
  3. Penn State-That loss to Michigan wasn't so bad after all.
  4. LSU-Had to drop after that game against Arkansas
  5. Notre Dame- You didn't really think I was gonna put Va. Tech here did you?
  6. Ohio State- See 5.
  7. Va. Tech- Had to go somewhere up here.
  8. Auburn-Don't want to repeat every thing I said last week.
  9. Geogia-We'll see what they are made of this weekend.
  10. Oregon-One loss to #1 aint bad.
  11. WVU-Give me 10 wins, and I'll put you in the top ten.
  12. UCLA-Get ready, here comes Reggie, and loss number 2.
  13. Alabama-No comment.
  14. Louisville-Make us proud soldier, don't do what Pitt has done to ruin the BE reputation.
  15. TCU-Find a way to get into a real conference. You keep showing up in the top 25, but no one gets to see you play.
  16. Miami-I'm just doing this because they get pre-season top 10 ranking every year no matter what. I don't think they deserved it this year.
  17. Michigan-I know you can beat any of the teams I am about to put below you.
  18. Florida-Diddy, diddy, how did Florida beat FSU so bad?
  19. Clemson-Why not?
  20. Boston College- Who said you couldn't do just as bad in the ACC?
  21. Georgia Tech-Win over Miami is still fesh in my mind.
  22. Texas Tech-Think about this, if Texas wasn't in the Big 12, this would most likely be your BCS rep. And people say the Big East is watered down.
  23. Oklahoma-As far as I know, all their losses have come against top 25 teams.
  24. Wisconsin-Bye bye Barry. Here's your present.
  25. Fresno St.-I'm not a believer!

Moved in: Oklahoma, Wisconsin

Dropped out:UTEP-You can still bring on the strippers if you want, and USF.

Games I watched:

#117 Pitt vs. #11 WVU, and it was cold as hell. Someone thought it would be a good idea to pour water on my seat before it got cold.

Texas-Texas A&M

Nevada-Fresno St.

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