Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why Bother

I'm not going to post another poll until the bowl season is over. It's really pointless. One thing I found that I really like is the Create your own "Ron Mexico" name generator! Mine is Pedro Senegal. There is also merchandise to be found here. A little pricey for my taste, but I would love to get me one of those "I'd Hit It" shirts.

Thanks Mr. Mexico, err, Vick for making this a great day to google!

There are a couple of really good blogs for Georgia sports, I'm a Realist, and Georgia Sports blog.
How in the world they can be so disrespectful to all the big SEC teams and show WV a pretty decent amount of respect is really beyond me. For the record, the SEC is by far the best football conference in the nation. It takes a great team to win that conference. Auburn got screwed last year. The Big East has a long way to go to put itself in the same league with the SEC. I don't think the Big East is nearly as bad as the national media makes it out to be. Gotta start earning some respect somewhere, though. A few bowl wins for the BE would help. Not losing non conference games to MAC bottom dwellers would help to. Memo to Pitt, "Schedule games with MAC teams you can beat!"

Happy Holidays, I mean, Merry Christmas!


Holly said...

My Ron Mexico name is Tawny Slovenia. The only "Tawny" I have ever heard of was a stripper at Irv's BYOB near the Allentown airport. Jeesh.

Anonymous said...

Hey johnny,

My Ron Mexico name is:

Peter Guadeloupe

Good luck in the bowl!