Friday, February 24, 2006

Louisville Preview

First off, I want to welcome any and all Louisville fans. Hopefully I speak for WVU and the Big East when I say we are glad to have you! I want to give a hat tip to Butch for putting up a link to my blog as well.
So, how do I think the game is going to turn out? Well, I haven't watched a great deal of Louisville's games this year, but when I did, I saw a team that could work the ball inside, and could kick it out for a three. Looking at the schedule, the worst loss of the year was to UConn/a hot Syracuse team. Over the last 7 games, they have turned the ball over 86 times or 12.3 per game. Over the same period WVU has turned the ball over 55 times or 7.9 per game. Louisville averages 35 rebounds per game and WVU 28. Louisville is 2-6 on the road and WVU is 11-2 at home. WVU's worst loss of the year was to (damn them) Kentucky. I say damn them for not finishing out the year. I'm sure Louisville fans say damn them for a different reason! Hehehe.
So, both teams have been at least close in every game if you look at the final scores. I can't speak as to the momentum of each game. Both teams have been less than spectacular over their last seven games. WVU has dropped games against decent competition that they would have won earlier in the year. Louisville is in a position to still pull out an NCAA bid with wins in it's last three games despite a sub par record against top 25 teams. It was about this time last year that WVU found out that they were starting the wrong guy at center. Could the same be true for Louisville? WVU has finally had a chance to take a couple days off before this game. The time for excuses is over. For WVU it's time to start building momentum for the tournament. My pick, WVU 85-81.

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Sorry to make you work! Wee!

Good post as usual.

No matter who wins I hope it's a good game.

Thanks Johnny...