Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bounce Back

I really had my doubts we would be able to go into Georgetown and win. You could see why in the first half, DunkDunkDunkDunkDunk3-pointerstealDunkDunkDunk. I will go ahead and say that if no one declares early for Georgetown, they will be national champs next year if not this year. So, yeah, this was a huge win! I was impressed with our ability to get inside on Georgetown. The three pointer was a decoy tonight. 6 for 22. I was glad to see it. I think they will have to prove that they can win taking it to the basket a few more times before teams will have to think stop the drive first. Then they will be dangerous like when they beat Oklahoma and Villinova earlier in the season.

It's a long season, and with only 7 players that see significant time, you have to expect some ups and downs. The ups are a whole lot funner. We'll see how we finish out the season. Good challenges abound!

Feb 14 at Seton Hall 7:30 pm
Feb 18 Connecticut 3:45 pm
Feb 20 at Syracuse 7 pm
Feb 25 Louisville 1:30 pm
Feb 27 Pitt 7 pm
Mar 4 at Cincinnati Noon
Mar 8-11 at Big Championships (New York, N.Y.) TBA
All times Eastern


Butch said...
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Butch said...

Hey Johnny,

I've linked to your site in my latest post.

Good luck tomorrow (you all really don't need luck though!)