Monday, March 27, 2006


Sorry it's been so quiet around here since the loss to Texas. I've been looking through the internet for some puppy uppers over the past few days. I had to get some links up there on the right, too. The football team seems to be doing pretty good, Coach Rod is pissed! When you only single out one offensive player on the team, Owen Schmitt, it has to be a good thing. This team will not be able to just line up and run the ball to a top 5 finish. He needs to really push this offense to make them better. It also sounds like he is finding some defensive backs that he likes. I predict that a lot of people are going to hear the name Johnny Dingle before the end of next year. WV has sadly missed a rush end for the past few years. You really need a player that other teams need to scheme around, and I hope he can be that this year.

In other news, I wanted to do something like some of the other movie character association posts. So how about an "Office Space" post.

I'll go ahead and get it out of the way, WV will be Lawrence! And really, who else could it be? Kick-Ass Mullet, and a good enough friend to tell you to "watch out for the corn hole" as you're leaving for prison. He leads a simple life, except for an admirable desire to get it on with two chicks at the same time, and is probably the happiest character in the movie except for........

Drew, who will be representing Marshall. Marshall talks a lot about how they play for championships, or in this case, show the girls their "O-face", but much like Drew it never seems to happen.

Bob Slydell, the consultant, played by Penn St. Much like Bob, Penn St. is old school. And much like Bob, Penn St. likes to prove they can keep up with the latest trends by switching to the spread offense, or slipping in a "I celebrate Michael Bolton's entire collection."

The role of Bob Porter is played by Florida St. Just give Bob a straw hat and a Seminole pull-over. He seems the more dignified between himself and his partner, Bob Slydell, but just like Bobby Bowden is only sticking around to make sure he has more wins when Joe Paterno retires, Bob is just sticking around to be the "Pink Slip King" at Initech.

Tom Smykowski is played by Boston College. So much stuff is out of his control, but that doesn't stop him from being in a panic about it. He has grandiose ideas about what he's going to do, but he never gets around to doing them.

In order to be fair, I'll leave the rest up to you. There are plenty of good characters out there for you to attach your favorite or most hated team to. Enjoy!

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