Friday, March 03, 2006

Huggie's Back!

Hard to believe, but Huggins is coming back to walk with Eric Hicks for senior "Ring of Red" night. So there should quite a bit of emotion floating around the Shoe tomorrow. Probably the only time Huggins at a WVU game would be a non-story. Distraction or rally point? Guess it depends on how the game turns out. It would be easy to spin something like that. The harbingers of couch burning should be rested enough to have some say in that. Beline is taking it as a great opportunity to build some momentum going into the tournament.

"We're going in there with a lot to gain as far as momentum going into the Big East tournament," Beilein said.

But the coach concedes that much more is at stake for Cincinnati (18-11, 7-8) which is desperately looking for a signature victory to enhance its NCAA tournament resume. The Bearcats lost 72-62 at Seton Hall on Tuesday night and is squarely on the NCAA tournament bubble.

In addition to it being Senior Day for UC standouts Eric Hicks, Jihad Muhammad and James White, the school has proclaimed the West Virginia contest a "Ring of Red" game meaning all fans are being asked to wear red to the game because of its importance. All victories in designated Ring of Red games are engraved on a plaque that resides in Fifth Third Arena. The tradition started in 2002.

"I know we will be walking into a tough environment on Saturday"

With the 3rd seed in the tournament locked up, this would also be a good time to get some experience for the bench if things get out of hand one way or the other. I would love to see Alex Ruoff get some extended playing time.

Asst. Coach Jerry Dunn
with Alex Ruoff

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