Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Price of Espionage

Due to recent events in Huntington, WV , many schools are taking a "get tuff on spies" approach.

Some of the pictures and descriptions are not intended for minors, and should be considered NSFW!

USC has instituted the Kill 'em With Pleasure tactics, which lends itself to plausible denyability, as USC will be able to say "all we did was tie the rope, he pulled the trigger."

Not to be outdone by their cross-town rivals, UCLA has instructed its security guards to bend their captives backwards until they say uncle.

Army, having much experience in counter intelligence, has enlisted Vice-President Dick Cheney to take the spies on a little "hunting" trip, and they have began dropping leaflelts warning spies of their impending doom.

West Virginia? We do what we always do, but with a twist.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the stuff about USC at http://lsuoverusc.blogspot.com