Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Price of Success

So, what if WVU is able to live up to the hype of inflated pre-season rankings? Rodriguez will be in a position to ask for more money, because the suitors will be lined up from several schools over the next couple years. You have to believe that JoePa and Bobby Bowden will retire soon. Not to mention the shift that would occur if he didn't get one of those jobs. The vacancy for each will probably be filled from high profile jobs. The gullible part of me believes Rod would never be interested in the Penn St. job, just because of the rivalry between WVU and Penn St. when he played. But, he does have ties with the Bowden family. I think would still much rather build a solid program at WVU. He has made statements over the past year about not being satisfied with the facilities, and has made efforts to get all of his assistants paid well. It might be time to raise the ticket prices a bit. It'd be worth it to me.

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