Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Notes

Through the first two weeks the defense has had the better performance. Normally, that would be expected, but the offense has the most experience coming back. And the defense only returns one starter in the secondary. Not to mention that Mortty Ivy has probably torn his ACL. I've got personal experience with this, and he would be lucky to be back by the fall, depending on the severity.

This article has a good recap of the Saturday scrimmage . It sounds like he is trying to open up the offense a bit. There were a few interceptions, but it's spring. I can't see the team being able to be one dimentional like last year. Sounds like the receivers were dropping some balls, too. I think Pat White has the smarts and the ability to go a long way (news flash), and I hope Rod keeps pushing him, and the offense.

Oh yeah, they need to remember to hold on to the ball. The turnover ratio was not nearly as good as in previous years. Those stats are skewed a bit by the Syracuse game where we had 4 or 5 turnovers. Hopefully this is the guy that is going to get us some turnovers....

Big Double D from C, John Holmes

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