Wednesday, May 31, 2006

College Football is for Saturdays

Or at least it should be. But, WVU and the Big East seem to have little control over their schedules. And you know Don Nehlen is mad when he uses the word "daggone"!

"I'm very worried about the state of college football these days," WVU's winningest football coach said prior to being inducted into the W.Va Sports Writers Hall of Fame. "I think where we are it's pretty good, but I worry about some of the other schools."

"Television is running (college football)," he added. "They are telling you when to play, what time to play and even who to play and that bothers me."

"Again, that is television driving the whole daggone show," he added.

Being a season ticket holder, I find it particualrly troubling to have so many games on weeknights. A fella only has so many vacation days to take in a year. The national television exposure is important, but I would much rather play on Saturdays. That's why I took this job in the first place, right?


Anonymous said...

I don't get it either, you never see perenial powerhouse teams like Ohio State, Georgia, Florida State, etc. playing on Thursday nights. If we want to be seen as a "big time" school then we need to act like one and play our games on Saturday. So we don't get the TV exposure, if we keep winning then the networks will come to us. Playing on Thursday evenings if for MAC, C-USA, WAC, MWAC, and D-II schools.

Johnny said...

Hey anon, thanks for stopping by. You should get some kind of prize for posting a comment on here! If I ever come up with a t-shirt that does not infringe on any copy rights owned by WVU's Mountainlair, I'll get you one.
I mostly agree that we shouldn't be playing on Thursdays, and absolutely think we shouldn't be playing on Fridays! Va. Tech was able to get a lot of exposure when ESPN started hosting Thursday night games. Combined with a few other things, that really put them on the map. I will put up with it for a couple more years, but after that, something will have to change.