Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rumors, rumors, and nothing but God Damn rumors!

I would have thought by now that a story would have come out somewhere about the status of Pernell Williams, but nothing has be said, officially anyway. The rumor is that he has asked to be released from his scholarship to transfer to another school for more playing time. I would hope that this is not true, but the silence does nothing to make me believe either way. If you are out there Pernell, you're in a position to be apart of something special here. So, stick around and enjoy yourself.

It has also been rumored that Jason Gwaltney is trying to get back on the team. It could be that he is just in town to visit his brother Scooter Berry, who is on the team. I would love to have Jason back! He needs to have a sit down with Brandon Barrett
see what he is getting himself into.

Lastly, it is reported that WVU coach John Beilein intimidated the hell out of one of the rent-a-cops at the Pittsburgh Airport Tuesday.

Barney Fife wannabe's keeping the parking lot safe for you and me!

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