Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Rules for Blogging

In a piece a couple months ago, I described my Manifesto for my blog. It really doesn't go into much detail about my do's and don'ts, however. And, since several of my favorite bloggers have posted their rules for blogging, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring.

1. Have fun! You're probably not getting paid for it, so you should at least try to have a good time. If it can be at a rival's expense, even better!!

2. Be original, or at least don't fill your post with a ton of links. Only copy and paste the facts that support your position, and downplay the ones that don't.

3. Be brief! Until someone tells you that they really like your style of writing, presume that they don't. To put it into terms that I am more familiar with, post as if you were writing a song. It is a must that you get to the "hook" of your song within the first minute. If you don't, the listener will lose interest and move on.

4. Play to your strengths. If you are not a good writer, use pictures and add a funny caption. Learn to use photoshop. (Editor's note: I will someday soon incorporate music into my blog)

5. Don't delete any posts. No matter how bad, or how much they offend your friends that are Marshall fans! Hehehehehehe.

6. Share something that has nothing to do with football every once in a while.

7. Don't keep writing to fill up space or to make it to rule #8. Seven is enough.

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