Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Bowls and Bowl Alignment

Can't you just feel the excitement?! (ht:Kevin) The Big East has two new bowl affiliations. I'm so excited I almost had to take a tranquilizer! Yes, the Big East is no one's little brother anymore! First, there's the Toilet Bowl (aka International Bowl), name stolen from hundreds of annual sand lot games played across this country by has been wanna be's on Thanksgiving Day. Sheer marketing genius considering the name recognition and suitable sponsor tie-in's! This game will pit the 5th seed from the Big East, if they are able to get bowl eligible, against a team from the MAC. Considering the Big East has never had 5 teams qualify for a bowl in the same season, this makes big, and I mean BIG sense!

The other big new bowl for the Big East is the Way the Fuck Down South Bowl (aka Birmingham Bowl). This game will be an excitement generating matchup between the 4th ranked team in the Big East and a team from C-USA.
So, yeah, great thinking Mike T! Should all the Big East teams start scheduling home and home games with the bottom feeders of the Mid-Major conferences to ensure everyone is eligible for a bowl at the end of the year?

Say it with me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Respect My Authoriti!

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