Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thanks Doug

Doug Flutie announced his retirement Monday, and with that, one of my favorite football players walks off into the sunset. I was lucky enough to have seen him play in college in one of the most epic games in WVU history.

When Morgantown police chief John Cease woke up Sunday morning, the reports were all positive. All the streetlights were accounted for. There were no smoldering couches. All the cruisers went through the night without a scratch. He was happy.

So were 60,285 other first-hand witnesses to one of the most memorable victories in Mountaineer football history. The Boston College team of 1984 wasn'’t in the class of Oklahoma, Nebraska or USC, but it had a marquee player in Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie and owned triumphs over Alabama and North Carolina leading into the game against the 19th-rated Mountaineers. Boston College went on to win 10 games that year, including victories over national champion Miami and Houston in the Cotton Bowl.

While his stint with my Chargers didn't produce and championships, it was a pleasure to finally have him on my team. I'm sure him being there rubbed off on histeammatess, and helped the Chargers get back to a playoff caliber team.

Thanks for the memories Doug!

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