Monday, May 15, 2006

NCAA Looks At Adding Schools Outside The US

Every couple days I think about who will be asked to be the 9th football team in the Big East, and I always end up throwing my hands up in the air, declaring "there just isn't anyone worth getting!" Then I came across this article about the NCAA looking into schools from Canada joining up. And while there are some fine institutions in Canada, I can't believe any of them would be ready to jump to the Division 1 football level any time soon. Hockey? Sure. Basketball? Sure. But football would probably take about 5-10 years starting from scratch.

Short of bribery on a colossal scale, I can't see any schools like Penn St., Maryland, or BC for that matter, joining the Big East. And while I'm at it, it's time for Notre Dame to either join up all-sports with the Big East, or get out completely. The bad thing about giving an ultimatum like that is that it could push them that much closer to joining the Big 10. I don't have any real hatred for Notre Dame, but they do have the option of bumping the Big East #2 from the Gator Bowl if they don't make it to a BCS bowl, plus they reap all the benefits of being in a great basketball conference. That's just double dipping, and the George Costanza's of the Big East world have had enough!

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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