Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blog Roll Update

Sorry for not doing it sooner, but Turtle Soup has been added to my blog roll. As a continuation of my Early Crack Pipe Prediction of Maryland, this is one series that needs to be renewed as soon as possible! Outside of some very lopsided losses by WVU in the early part of this decade, this has been a great, evenly matched series. The series lacks a lot of the hatred that the Pitt and VT rivalries have/had, but it has been a great OOC game that has worked well for both schools. After this year, I don't believe there are any more games scheduled between these two schools, and that is a shame. Hopefully after about seven lopsided victories over Marshall, we will be able to free up a slot in our schedule, and Maryland can do the same. Someone needs to make this happen!

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