Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Coal Bowl? Please be wrong!

The formally annual game with Va. Tech winner was presented with the Black Diamond Trophy. Not to be confused with Neil Diamond impersonator "The Black Diamond"

The Black Diamond with Jay Leno.
Ok, I've gotten sidetracked a little early, even for me. Like I was saying, the Black Diamond trophy went to the winner of the WVU/Va. Tech game each year.

So now rumor, and god I hope that's all it is, has it that the WVU/Marshall game will be called the "Coal Bowl". Much like Trace Adkins, this name is totally f'ing unoriginal. Why not just call it "Our governors Gift To Our Little Twerp Brother Charity Event". That has a nice ring to it!

But instead, we are going to glorify the same natural resource that kills thousands of miners every year. Pneumoconiosis, or Black Lung Disease, is a terminal disease. But, unfortunately, coal mining is one of the few jobs in WV that you can make good money at with little education. Little education? Hmmm, let's send 'em down into the mines without any respirators. Nice! Are you a "Friend of Coal?"

Please change the name of this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

We need to start a campaign against the "Coal Bowl". This game is already going to be a joke, why make it sound like one.

Anonymous said...

Also, I actually prefer "The Black Diamond" to Neil Diamond.

Johnny said...

Oh hell yeah! I saw him down at the Empty Glass a few years ago, and had a blast! I think he played up here in Parkersburg last year, too. Sorry I missed it.