Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Did I ever mention......

.....that I hate waiting for the football season to get here? So many non-stories, so much hype. The ego twisting dagger that is Phil Steele putting us at #17 in his pre-season poll. It made me mad for a little bit, but then we were not even ranked last year by anyone. So, yeah! I guess that means we will win the NC this year!

These are just for everyone else. You could call them feel good points.


Anonymous said...

I am psyched to hear that we are that underrated by Steele!!

I would rather have us sneak up on everyone and whip major ass, than start out a top ten team with a bulls eye on our back.

Also, give Steele some credit. If were to lose to Louisville, I think we would end up around 15 in the final polls. Based on our strength of schedule.

Johnny said...

I agree that we have a 0% error margin. If we lose one game, we are completly out of the picture. While someone like Miame can lose three games to the pre-adolescent school for the blind and still be ranked. (That's my best "little man/chip on my shoulder act!)
I'm more impressed with Phil's team-by-team analysis than his ability to predict who will finish where in his polls. As Jude over at WMITC pointed out, he was only right on 50% of his top ten predictions, and two were not even ranked at the end of the year.
Then again, I smoke a crack pipe before I make any predictions.