Wednesday, July 12, 2006

At what point do you say thanks, but no thanks?

From the Miami Herald:

University of Miami sophomore Willie Williams, the nation's most highly recruited linebacker two years ago, has told coach Larry Coker he is interested in transferring, Coker said Tuesday.

Asked to confirm if Williams had requested a transfer, Coker said, ''I am aware of Willie's interest in transferring, and whatever is best for Willie, I will be in favor of.'' Coker did not comment further.

Williams, a Carol City High graduate, was the only player who missed most of UM's voluntary offseason workouts.

He could not be reached for comment, and it was unclear where he would transfer. WQAM's Orlando Alzugaray, who reported rumors of Williams' interest in transferring, has mentioned Tennessee as a possible destination. However, a Big East source said Tuesday that West Virginia was a strong contender. Louisville also has been mentioned.

Speed and talent, we like. As for the off the field problems, we could do without. One of the best things about coming to WVU for a kid from a big city is the laid back atmosphere, and lack of crime. Not that it doesn't happen, but the chance to get involved with crime is much less likely. The recent antics of Todd Sauerbrun, Chris Henry, and Adam "Pac Man" Jones remind us that some people just can't get away from stupid no matter how hard they try, or don't try.
Your call Coach Rod, might want to ask him what he wants to be remembered for. If he says he wants to be the next Pac Man, just smile and say thanks for stopping by.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Willie Williams and Tennessee go together like gin and tonic.

Johnny said...

That's a great point Mike! Hehehehe. Tennessee needs to think Fulmer Cup, and get this kid to Knoxville!