Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just screwing around

It's too damn hot and humid out to do anything of consequence, so I thought I would look at some stats for a while and try to make a good picture so if I ever wanted to talk about it, well, you know.

Stats and picture courtesy of Mountaineer Stats.

Outside of the Sugar Bowl, WVU never played in front of a larger crowd on the road than the least attended game at home. It says one of two things, or both. That we have a great following no matter who we are playing, and/or the rest of the league doesn't have the facilities or following to fill up their stadium. I'm not saying that to pick on anyone, but rather just identifying some trouble spots. I would love to see Cincinnati and Rutgers get up to full capacity and expand their stadiums. Louisville is expanding their stadium, and hopefully they will be able to get close to capacity. I have every reason to believe that they will. Their fans seem to travel pretty well.
I think the rest of the conference has the facilities to do well. Now they just need to do it. Wins and losses have a lot to do with the standing of a conference, but getting fans in the seats will do a lot to promote stability for the Big East. Not to mention convincing recruits that they are in the right place when they visit for a game.

Is anything going on here today? Or was I supposed to visit Penn St. this weekend?

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