Sunday, July 30, 2006

Still Looking

I still look from time to time to see if I can find a blog for Marshall University, but have come up empty handed once again. However, I thought I would direct you toward a post that goes into detail about the "Friends of Coal Bowl." (Ht: Appalachian Voices)

I believe I have posted this quote before:

"I am so pleased that a sponsor like Friends of Coal has now stepped up to take this game to a level of national prominence similar to the great in-state rivalries of such schools as Florida-Florida State, Alabama-Auburn and Clemson-South Carolina," West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin said.

In case you have never seen mountain top removal

How much did this cost? Roughly 1 million dollars for 7 years which the two schools will split.
That is $140,000 each of the first two years, then 5 percent more —$147,000 —during years three through five, and an additional 5 percent, or $154,350, in years six and seven.

Who are The Friends of Coal?

The Friends of Coal is dedicated to informing and educating West Virginia citizens about the coal industry and its vital role in the state'’s future.

Please tell me you are not a friend of this.

Our goal is to provide a united voice for an industry that has been and remains a critical economic contributor to West Virginia.

Yes, they are lobbyists and PR hacks and proud of it. They are trying to convince the state that coal mining is good for them. So buying the most popular, most hyped sporting event in the history of the state, on the eve of its best nationally recognized game (great teams, great human interest), well that is some brilliant marketing. I have to admire the guy who thought this one up. It is so logical and yet so venial and cheap.

And what is Mountaintop removal? A blight on our landscape AND on our economy.

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