Friday, July 14, 2006

A little more Hoss

Jeff Hostetler made an apperance for the Positive Impact Football Camp yesterday. Jim over at WV Game Day was kind enough to put up a transcript and pictures.

Camper]: What's your favorite touchdown?

[Jeff]: Well, one of my most favorite touchdowns, I think for me, was when I was playing at WVU and we were in the 4th quarter, we were playing against Pitt. And, there was about a minute to go and we scored a touchdown on a bootleg. That was one of my favorites.
Another one was probably in the Super Bowl. I threw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver, Steven Baker, in the corner of the endzone. Those are my two favorites.

Camper]: Were you ever a substitute that went in when a quarterback was injured?

[Jeff]: Yes. I played before any of you guys were born. How old are you?

[Camper]: Nine.

[Jeff]: OK. I was in the NFL for 6 1/2 years (before getting his shot; 15 years total in NFL). And, I played special teams, I played wide receiver. I did everything I could to try to get on the field. But, they had a quarterback that played it before I got there. So, I had to wait. And, I was waiting, waiting, waiting. And one day he got hurt. When he got hurt, I had to go in and play. And, 6 games later, we won the Super Bowl.
So, it's one of those things where I had to be ready. And, you're waiting, waiting, waiting, and don't think you're going to get a chance to play. But, you've still got to prepare. And, I had that opportunity, and I was a substitute. I got the starting job. And, we won the Super Bowl.

Nice job Jim!


Cool Hand Mike said...

I think Hoss will go down as the worst quarterback ever to win the Super Bowl. But I guess the key word is WIN.

Johnny said...

Now Mike, I have two words for you, Trent Dilffer! Or if you want to look at a quarterbacks career, I would submit that Mark Ripen wasn't worth a shit besides the year he won the superbowl. At least Hoss was an All-Pro a couple years with the Raiders.

Cool Hand Mike said...