Friday, July 14, 2006

OK, I take it back

For a while now, WV fans have seen some of their high profile players get in trouble over and over again. And I made reference to Vince Young hanging out with Pac Man, and insinuated the possible bad outcome for Vince in my last post. Well, Peter over at Burnt Orange Nation says "Not so fast my friend", and put up a link to an article about Pac Man apparently trying to change his ways.

I tell Vince everything that I went through last year, so he doesn't make any of the mistakes I made last year, said Jones, a West Virginia product and a native of Atlanta.

The main thing I try to teach to these young guys is that if I don't teach them about the mistakes I made last year, then I'm not doing any justice to them.

In the OTAs, he's done a real nice job, Titans coach Jeff Fisher said. He's really, really improved and he's all about football. He's taken a professional approach to what he's doing. He's paying particular attention to techniques and to the things he should be paying attention to in his second year. He's clearly a much better corner now than he was at the end of last season.

So, maybe I have/had become a little jaded. And honestly, nothing would make me happier than to see Pac Man be successful. Instead of Pac Man being a bad influence, maybe Vince will be a good influence.

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Cool Hand Mike said...

If you take it back then I guess I had better take back the whole"Hello Nashville PD". It's encouragimg to see him turn it around though.