Monday, July 17, 2006

Too much coffee, not enough effort

First off, if you have a huge coffee buzz this morning like me, why not stop and say a little thank you to Juan Valdez.

Mr. Valdes, while our afternoons are riddled with exhaustion from too much coffee in the morning, we thank you from the tips of our shaking fingers to the bottom of our over active bladder for these few hours of bliss.

So, on to the news, and my crisis of conscience. I have to admit to feeling like a bit of an asshole lately for all the less than flattering comments I have made about Marshall. Not that some of those comments don't hold any water, but it is really more about me not taking the time to report on something that takes research and creativity. I have lazily fallen into the trap of just shooting out the first insult that comes to mind and let that be my blogging for the day. So, if I should pick on Marshall in the future, you should know two things. 1. You really, really, really, REALLY earned it! 2. I have researched every fact about the situation to make sure you really, really, really, REALLY earned it.

Crisis of conscience part deux: I probably owe Willie Williams an apology for this post. I hate to reference any message board for anything, but it seems that Willie has kept his nose clean over the past couple years, and has a 3.2 gpa. Now, I don't have a credible link for this, but when you read those type of things over and over on message boards, you realize that there's no real reason to lie about it. So, Willie, my bad. If you're coming to WVU, then welcome to the team. If not, best of luck.

Now that I have been dipped in the lords blessed water, it's the straight and narrow for me. I've cast off the devils wicked ways, and have been forgiven for all my sins.

More coffee anyone?

Update: Coach Rod has passed on Willie Williams acording to this Charleston Gazette article.

“He called and inquired and we said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ ’’ West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez said Sunday. “I don’t know where this stuff gets started, but he will not be transferring to West Virginia.’’, citing no sources, reported Saturday that Williams was headed to West Virginia. At least one other Internet site reported the same thing, as did the Morgantown Dominion Post, citing as its source.


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