Monday, July 24, 2006

Ugly World, Beautiful Weekend

How this continues to go on is beyond me. It would seem the IDF is killing the body to destroy the cancer. But hey, they're not Americans, right? Why should we care?

This weekend did deliver some wonderful news, however. Floyd Landis did what would seem to me to be the impossible this weekend after being 8 minutes off the lead last week. Oddly enough, an old hip injury has flared up for me over the past few days, and I promise you I don't want to ride a bike/climb stairs/etc. Hats off to Floyd, and good luck with the hip replacement surgery.

Congratulations to Tiger Woods for winning his first major without his father. I truly am happy for him, but I will refrain from watching Sports Center for next week or so just to make sure I avoid the lame tear jerker piece they are sure to do.

Lastly, a hat tip to Kyle of Dawg Sports. I'm not so sure he ever owed WVU fans an apology, as I have seen a ton of ill will directed at Georgia fans from WVU message boards. But, he offers one just the same, and should be commended for it. As for Mountaineer fans, it's time to let that game go. It was great, but it won't help us win one game this year. Neither will any hatred toward Georgia fans.


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