Friday, July 21, 2006

Palko on Mountaineer Field

The title from the Daily Mail reads, "Panthers' Palko loves playing at Mountaineer Field ... seriously ". If you watched that game last year, your first thought would be, "yeah, right!" Looking back at the numbers, he really didn't have that bad of a game. 24/43 for 308 yards 2 td's and 2 int's. It was cold as hell, I know, I was there! He looked good in the first half on td passes of 63 and 31 yards.
However, his statements deal more with the intensity of the crowd.

"I wish I could play there every year," Palko said, "because it is the epitome of college football. The atmosphere is unbelievable. The fans hate you. It's loud. It's crazy.

"It's the best place to play and the worst place to play," he added. "The reason I love playing there is the reason I hate playing there."

I love the enthusiasm and spirit of the fans. A couple of the things I would like to see go away is the throwing of objects at visitors to Mountaineer Field ( I will never call it Milan Puskar Stadium unless by accident. Thank you very much for the donation, but it's Mountaineer Field, period.). It's not necessary. We're much better than that. You can be wild, and intimidating without hurting someone. The other thing I would like to not see is the extreme heckling of visiting fans. I know you won't stop it completely at any stadium, but there's just too many kids around for some of the things that are said in these exchanges. We should be welcoming our guest, so they will feel good about making the trip to Morgantown. Hell, for no other reason than the visitor section is in full camera view most of the game. You don't want that empty.

"They are yelling at you and throwing ---- at you," Palko said of the WVU fans, who are famous -- or is it infamous? -- for their rowdy behavior. "It's a surreal situation because they really don't like you and you have to go in there. They are awesome. I would love to play there."

Kind words for sure. And it should make you think about concentrating on all the good things about home games, and let all that other stuff go.

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