Friday, July 21, 2006

WV Perspective Piece

I just had to link to this piece from Thomas Johns @ Southern Pigskin. I couldn't write something like this, because I'm lucky enough to see the beauty of this state every day. It's a story that West Virginian's have heard a million times. When people come to this state they always seem so surprised at how beautiful it is, and how friendly most everyone is. I thank Thomas for doing the piece! He captured a lot of what is great about WV and WVU.

The rest of this is a response for all the poor comments I've come across lately. Are we backwards? Yes. When a large percentage of the population is more concerned with survival rather than the latest electronics/fashion/etc. we probably do come off as being backwards.

I doubt that any balance has been restored, as the toothless and everyone's related jokes keep coming. But hey, if you think your so witty and so much better, the line starts here.
Go ahead and leave your best joke about WV in the comments. If you get deleted, it's because you suck. Originality counts for everything.

I'll start you off: What do West Virginian's do on Halloween? Pump Kin!

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