Monday, August 21, 2006

Around the Sphere

Outside of "Nutt chooses Dick over Johnson", or however it was said, this article from SMQ has the best headline of the year!


Well said!

Dammit, if Bruce Feldman from ESPN isn't the coolest guy in the universe! He has been doing a ton of interviews with bloggers over the past couple months. He has also done several podcasts with Orson over at EDSBS. This week he did Q&A's with Peter over at Burnt Orange Nation, and he did one with Matt over at My Opinion on Sports. And yes, he had to defend his choice of WVU a bit. That's really fine with me. Most of the people that question come from schools that have been winning 10 games a year since I was born, or before. WV hasn't shown that they can do it year in and year out, yet.

Lastly, Paul over at Georgia Sports Blog has done a cool thing working with Georgia fans out of the country and fans serving in the wars. I've been following the "Dawgs Abroad" series he has been doing, and am just a little pissed at myself for not offering up sooner.

I'm certainly up for doing something with any Mountaineer fans serving, or just out of the country. You know where to find me.

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