Monday, August 21, 2006

Couple News Items

Before I get into that, what did she just say to Governor Blanco? If it was an athlete that got drunk, or a GM that just got caught with a 13 year old boy, I could understand grilling the person. However, you don't pull a governor on national TV and ask why Mississippi is farther ahead in the clean up process. Is that what we tuned in to hear? That state is still in bad shape. Let's try to rally the troops, not kick them in the teeth!

Now for something a little farther north, but still below the Mason-Dixon Line:

Jake Finger is projected to be the starting right tackle this year. Judging from
this article from the Charleston Daily Mail, he's a lot more.

"He has been very consistent from an assignment standpoint," WVU Coach Rich Rodriguez said of Figner, a Big East Academic All-Star whose major is biochemistry and whose postgraduate plans include medical school or pharmaceutical research.

There are still some question marks on the offensive line as Stanchek has moved out from guard to tackle on the left side. Nothing that can't be fixed. And as a sophomore, it's good to know that Jake is going to be around for a while.

From the Charleston Gazette-True freshman JT Thomas is looking to see some playing time this year at linebacker. I find this a little odd, only that WV is very solid at linebacker. That should speak to the ability of JT. There are plenty of other positions that I would not be surprised to see a true freshman get some playing time at, but linebacker wasn't one of them. So JT is doing something right.

Lastly, it has occurred to me that I have not really been banging a gong everytime someone ranks us as world beaters. It's nice to see, and only programs that are not used to being ranked this high in the preseason can understand what it means to WV fans. However, I think it is something that gets more than enough coverage elsewhere.

Some gong bangers think we're number one!

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