Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Death, Taxes, and

I thought for sure that the Mountaineer Sports Network would never change their format. Actually, they did make a change recently, and I couldn't be happier. For one, they moved the video screen away from the upper right hand corner. And while it may not actually be a larger viewing area, it sure does look a lot better away from the corner. There's probably less than five of you that know why I brought that up, so I won't bother to try to find the post to link to. They like their Coca~Cola. That's for sure. Still now stop and play buttons (use right-click over the video).

Watching the video of Coach Rod, he didn't seem to happy at all for the first two minutes, but he does relax after that. It's understandable with all the players that are sore, and can't practice. There is also a great interview with QB Coach Bill Stewart on the two backup qb's. That's the first time I can remember seeing him interviewed. We like coach Stewart.

Overall, I have to give a thumbs up for the new look. Now, I guess it's Death, Taxes, and Chief Wahoo McDaniel kicking ass!

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