Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wind out of your sails

Sometimes it's good to see how the rest of the country views your chances of going undefeated. Everytime I pick up Phil Steele's pre-season mag, I find something new to get mad about. A look at his top 25 fullbacks show's that Owen Schmitt isn't on there? There are some great fullback's on there, but that just has to be based on rushing stats. I guess weather we like it or not, WV isn't on everyone's radar during the season. And the smaller stories on the team can get lost. Maybe it's because it was his first year with the team. Who knows? Maybe there is some cool aid being consumed.

There are certainly plenty of people around the country that feel we shouldn't have a shot at the title with our schedule. I can see where they are coming from. If I was a SEC fan, I would have a hard time believing we were playing on the same level of competition. For my part of the argument, it's probably best to let the season play itself out. You can see signs of life from some of the Big East teams. It would be nice to see a decent OOC record for the Big East this year.

Here's a look at it week by week against BCS opponents.

Week 1

Rutgers @ UNC
Syracuse @ Wake Forest
Virginia @ Pitt
Kentucky @ Louisville

Week 2

Illinois @ Rutgers
Iowa @ Syracuse

Week 3

Maryland @ WVU
Wake Forest @ UConn
Syracuse @ Illinois
Cincinnati @ Ohio St.
Michigan St. @ Pitt
Miami @ Louisville

Week 4

Cincinnati @ Va. Tech
UConn @ Indiana
USF @ Kansas
Louisville @ Kansas St.

Week 5

WVU @ Miss. St.

Week 6


Everything after that is conference games. So yeah, that doesn't look too scary. Not too many top teams from BCS conferences on there. Louisville, Pitt, and Syracuse probably have the toughest OOC schedules. And yes, I will be rooting for you!

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