Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friends of Coal Bowl Trophy

I don't like it even if it had a WV background

Mind you, I've only seen the picture of the "Governor's Trophy", and I don't think I would feel anything but a little dumber for reading any puff piece article about the trophy. Looking at the trophy, I would say one of the "Friends" little eight year old daughter came up with the design. I can only hope that Dan Mozes jumps up and down on the trophy once WV secures a blowout victory. Sorry Dan, I was just thinking that a really big guy that is well known around the country should do the honors, and you were the first one that came to mind.

Just so everyone knows, Mountainlair likes coal miners. Coal companies? Not so much.


knee_bone said...

I would really like to turn it up side down and take a big dump in it.

Johnny said...

My thoughts exactly!

hardy said...

The statue is a piece of poop.
It should be placed on the nearest available couch and set on fire.

Also, the game should be renamed simply the COAL BOWL for two reasons: 1) It's a much cooler name; and 2) It's WAY less political.

Xose said...

"Friends of Coal" Bowl should use the more accurate title of "Out-of-state-corporate-interests that are here to rape WV and leave its inhabitants unskilled, uneducated and living on toxic waste dumps" Bowl.

Johnny said...

Thank you Xose! I wish I could have put it that way. If you don't mind, I'm going to quote you on that in a post.

merlin76 said...

i think you all should step back and look at what you've said. I work at Fenton Art Glass and helped make this piece of West Virginia Glass Artistry. The artist who made the ball was none other than Dave Fetty. It took about 2 days to get the one "perfect" shaped ball. It is hand blown and shaped, mind you. The glass pedestal is what i helped make. It, too, took two days to get the "perfect" one with no faults. Let's see. Four days worth of work for about 10 or 12 west virginia employees to make a beautiful "hand made" glass trophy and you all think it is a piece of crap. I think you all should come work at Fenton Art Glass and see what it takes to make these kind of things because evidently none of you know. You people wouldn't last 5 minutes working there. It's pretty sad when fellow west virginians cut down a trophy that is "hand made" in their own state.