Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hallmark Holiday for College Football Fans

Friday September 1st, 2006 is National College Colors Day. Do we not have enough Hallmark generated holidays as it is? Now, I know Hallmark isn't behind this, because the card section would be stocked already, but it does have that same sour smell like Boss' Day, and Temporary Professional Assistant's Day. However, I do see a few bright spots coming from this. There will be a sweepstakes for an ESPN Mobil Phone, presumably so this guy will have someone to hang out with.

Yes ESPN, that would make two.

The other good news is that you can have your company's name added to a list of official sponsors, so when you show up for work on the 1st wearing your schools gear, you can print off a copy of this and shove it into your Boss' face and tell him to stick it! Then proceed calmly to your desk and empty out all your personal belongings and start looking for another job.

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