Friday, August 04, 2006

Morning news

As we gear up for the start of pre-season camp here are a few articles to get you in the mood (Cowboys From Hell starts in 3....2....1....) for the upcoming season. God I love mood music!

From MSN, Searching for Answers. A look at the likely two deep for some of the positions where depth is an issue.

CFN just screwed themselves by projecting WVU to play in the Sun Bowl. This could very well be the last time I link to CFN for anything. And when I achieve world domination through multiple layers of acquired businesses and hired mercenaries, I shall rip their fingernails and toenails off and dip them in a solution of salt and rubbing alcohol until their nervous system shorts out!

USA Today on the other hand knows better, and will be spared for placing WVU #7 to starts the season.

WVU practice starts tomorrow.


Dr Sak said...

College Football News is terrible. I think half the time they just make up stuff without doing any research. No way WVU finishes any lower than #2 in the Big East. Even with that finish they could be looked at for an At Large BCS or a Gator Bowl appearance because it is already written in stone taht ND will get their 9 wins this year and go to the BCS. Meaning they wont take that Gator Bowl bid.

Johnny said...

I think my disdane for CFN has been getting worse and worse as this off season has gone along. I have nothing against Matt Zemke (sp), and generally enjoy his articles. He has been spending some time over at bluegoldnews this off season. But, some of the others articles, and the fact that CFN takes longer to load up than any site I frequent, along with pop-ups, has almost completely driven me away.
I guess at this point I am cheering for ND to get to a BCS just in case we don't run the table.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Excellent choice of music.

Johnny said...

Thanks Mike, my college roomate made me learn that song. Finger bled for days afterwards. hehe. It would make a great highlight song with all the breaks in it!

nico said...

They didn't do themselves any favors amongst Bama fans either. They have us playing Southern Miss in the Liberty Bowl.

We've played Southern Miss 23 out of the last 26 seasons and our long standing contract just expired in '06. Yeah, that'd be awesome to play a team for the 24th time in 27 years in your bowl game.

Johnny said...

Hey Nico,

On top of that, they have South Florida tying us for second in the BE. Now come on!!! That is BS. USF is going to be good some day, but they are having a world of trouble right now, and I will be surprised if they make it to .500 this year.

As for you guys playing So. Miss, WVU fans can speak from experience that you do not want to play a bowl game against a regular season foe!!! We played Maryland in a bowl, and besides getting our butts handed to us, there was almost no interest in the game.